SEO Services

SEO Services

Dunckley Design provides several search engine optimization & web related services to support our client after the launch. We understand the long-term needs of our clients and have created practical and affordable solutions to today’s expanding web environment. See below for a complete list of services.

  • SEO Link Building & Management

    After the launch you now have a SEO optimized website with rich content, so what’s next? Dunckley Design offers SEO Link Building & Listing Management Service. We broaden your footprint on the web and increase your site’s traffic. Our SEO system allows us to:

    • Increase your Google ranking
    • Build creditable links
    • Ensure the accuracy of your contact information
    • Most importantly increase traffic to your website

  • Hosting Services

    Dunckley Design provides exclusive VPS Cloud hosting to its clients. We have created a secure & responsive hosting environment to meet the demands of today’s high performance websites. The advantages of hosting with us include:

    Privacy! Our server is private; the only websites on the server are our clients.
    Speed! We run the most advanced and stable cloud servers.
    Location! Our main server is located in Atlanta to ensure maxim download speeds.
    Full Support! 24/7/365 We have support staff to ensue maximum up time and stability.

  • Backup & Security Monitoring

    Due to global web threats we strongly encourage all of our clients to purchase our backup and security plan. We have set up a redundant backup and monitoring service to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients websites. Our plan includes:

    Daily, Weekly & Monthly backups of your website.
    24/7 Monitoring for malware.
    Free removal of malicious infections.
    Monthly updating of all platform & plug-in scripts.
    Reputation management- Scanning for blacklisting, DNS, & WHOIS changes.

  • SEO Updating Services

    As your business or organization grows so should your website. One of the main factors that Google uses to determine your ranking is “is this an active website”. In response to this key factor Dunckley Design offers SEO updating services tailored to your companies specific needs. While we do give our clients access to make some basic updates and create blog post, many clients choose to have us update there site on an hourly basis due to time restraints and the advantage of having the content optimized. Call 941.716.0694 or email us today to learn more about this service.