Website Design

Website Design

Dunckley Design LLC specializes in website design and web related services. Our process ensures that the finished website meets the highest standards of both form and function. We understand that providing rich and engaging content for the viewer is just as important as making your website easily accessible to search engines.

  • Research

    The first step in our website design process is research. We start by learning about your business, setting goals, and comparing your business to local and national competitors. We then determine what keywords or phrases will generate the most traffic for your website.

  • Design

    The second step begins by designing a sitemap based on keyword research. Next, we create distinctive visuals and language to communicate your message clearly. Whether you have an established brand, or are starting from scratch, we strive to produce unique and engaging content. This will maximize the amount of time visitors spend on your website.

  • Launch

    The final phase is preparing your site for launch. We examine the content to ensure accuracy and perform tests for function, load speed, search engine optimization, and ease of use. Finally, we review the website design with you and make final adjustments to ensure your new website meets your goals.

Website Design FloridaResponsive Design

Responsive design allows your website to be readable on any device. The goal is to provide the same user experience whether you’re on a laptop, smart phone, or tablet.

This is important due to the rising amount of people that are using mobile devices to search for goods and services. As of the last quarter of 2012, mobile devices now make up 23% (up 82% from 2011) of all website traffic. Dunckley Design provides several solutions to meet this growing trend. Call us today 941.716.0694, to learn more about how we can convert your site.

After the Launch

Dunckley Design provides several web related services to support our client after the launch. We understand the long-term needs of our clients and have created practical and affordable solutions to today’s expanding web environment. Click Here for a complete list of services.